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Children at The Orthodontic Practice

If you are a parent concerned about your child’s teeth or a teenager embarrassed by your crooked smile, we’re here to help with our expertly delivered orthodontic treatment.retin

How braces can help

  • A confidence boosting, lovely smile
  • Tooth brushing is made easier
  • May improve your bite

NHS Treatment

All children can be referred for an NHS assessment.

We offer NHS funded treatment to children whose condition meets the criteria. If you think your child could benefit from treatment, your first port of call should be your dentist who will refer your child to us if they think an orthodontic assessment is necessary. Then you can expect the following:

  • We will see your child as soon as possible after being referred by your dentist – this is normally about 12-18 months after referral but can be longer depending on circumstances.
  • If all their permanent teeth have come through, if they are ready for treatment and they qualify according to the NHS criteria then we will put them on our Treatment Waiting List. They shouldn’t have to wait too long (probably just a few months).
  • We will then see you again to firstly plan the treatment and then fit the appropriate braces for your child (using silver braces), following this up with a series of adjustment appointments

Silver Service Private Treatment

This private service is for children who have a milder orthodontic condition and so do not qualify for NHS funded treatment. This service offers:

  • Silver braces
  • Appointments made one at a time
  • Treatment starting approximately 8 weeks from the first assessment appointment

Platinum Service Private Treatment

This is our top level private service for younger patients with more complex conditions or for those looking for added benefits including:

  • More convenient appointments, such as after school hours
  • The opportunity to book several appointments in advance at times to suit you
  • A choice of appliance, such as more discreet ceramic braces or clear aligners
  • Treatment can start almost immediately

Paying for your child’s private treatment

We offer an interest-free ‘pay as you go’ plan which, after you pay an initial deposit, helps spread the cost of the treatment over its duration. Although financially administered through the practice, both Platinum and Silver service are a direct contract between you and your orthodontist.