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Removable appliances

Removable braces are as the name says – a type of brace that is worn all the time except for when it needs to be removed (e.g. for cleaning, sports, etc.).

They have a plastic base (that fits into the palate of the mouth or around the lower teeth) with attached wires and sometimes springs. The brace allows the teeth to move gradually by applying gentle pressure.

Treatment sometimes starts with a removable brace before progressing to fixed braces.

How they can help

The process

Your orthodontist will prescribe the type of appliance that needs to be worn.

Prior to your next visit, the appliance will be made.

The orthodontist will fit the brace over your teeth, making certain that it is a good fit and is unlikely to move around.

You will need to come back regularly to have your appliance adjusted. It is important that you attend these appointments, as well as continuing to see your normal dentist.

Treatment times vary depending on what the appliance is needed to do, how well you look after it and your commitment to wearing it. If you don’t wear it, it won’t work!