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Adults at The Orthodontic Practice

Think you’re just too grown-up for braces? Think again. Even if your teenage years are well behind you, we can offer Prednisone 20mg tablets a range of adult-friendly options to discreetly realign your teeth.

You may have been disappointed with your teeth for a while – perhaps they are a little gappy, twisted or crowded, or you may have had braces when you were younger but your previously straight teeth have now reverted back to their crooked ways.


Whatever your problem, we can help, with our range of adult private orthodontic solutions that have plenty of added benefits including:

  • Appointments to suit you
  • Discreet options including ceramic braces and clear aligners
  • An immediate start to treatment
  • Interest-free ‘pay as you go’ option to spread the cost

Although financially administered through the practice, private adult treatment is a direct contract between you and your specialist orthodontist.

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Looking for an adult-friendly answer to misaligned teeth? Give us a call on 01623 641 613.