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The Orthodontic Practice


We believe in offering the best possible care for all of our patients - younger, older, NHS or privately funded.

We accept referrals from a very large number of dentists throughout North Nottinghamshire for NHS and private treatment. We also welcome new patients who refer themselves.

With the skills and experience available from our four qualified specialist orthodontists we can offer a wide range of treatments. We also have our own laboratory on site. This provides huge benefits in quality and ensures a quick response to our patients’ requirements.

Private treatment

We can offer you the best and most appropriate treatment from a number of options, including the use of attractive clear ceramic brackets and Invisalign™ clear aligners.

Privately funded treatment can start almost immediately, with flexible payment plans and priority appointments with your orthodontist.

NHS treatment

We are a large practice that is dedicated exclusively to orthodontic treatment and we are fully committed to working with our NHS Area Team so that our NHS patients can receive the best service possible.

Many orthodontic practices have a long waiting list to see new NHS patients for the first time. We have put in a huge effort to get our new patient waiting list down to a very short period of time indeed, so we are now able to see NHS patients referred from your dentist within 12 weeks for an initial screening appointment that will advise you of your eligibility for NHS funded orthodontics and readiness to start treatment. This means that if you are not eligible, or if you need to be referred to a hospital, this will happen without any unnecessary delay.

Eligible patients who are ready for treatment currently will then need to wait for only a short time for treatment to start, whilst priority cases can be started almost immediately.