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If you are wearing a fixed brace and play contact sport, then you should also be wearing a gumshield.
The gumshield protects:
·          your teeth from chipping and breakage
·          your brace from damage (and from hurting you)
·          your brain!
Damage to teeth is the least important thing to worry about. More importantly, the gumshield cushions blows to the head and decreases the chances of jaw fracture and concussion.
It is important to have a gumshield professionally manufactured. Don’t just buy a ‘boil in the pan’ shield from sports shops. These just don’t work as well as properly moulded gumshields manufactured by a specialist lab.
Your orthodontist will take an impression of your teeth and our technicians will make a properly fitting gumshield to protect you.
We make gumshields for people who are not wearing braces. But for those who are wearing a brace, the gumshield needs to be specially moulded around your brace. All the more reason to have it made properly.
We offer clear and coloured gumshields to suit your requirements.

Clear gumshields

If you want a simple gumshield, this is the cheapest option. Your gumshield can be made to wear on your teeth or over a brace.

Coloured gumshields

For a little bit more, you could choose from a range of colours such as red orange, gruesome black, monster slimy green, deep sea blue, bright white or turtle green to suit your mood and taste!

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