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Are you self-conscious about your teeth? Do your friends tease you about them? Do you wish you could smile with confidence?
We can help you. With orthodontic treatment we can give you the smile that you’ve always wanted and self-confidence to go with it.

NHS treatment

Orthodontic treatment is provided free of charge through the NHS to children who qualify.

Qualification depends on the severity of your orthodontic condition. All you need to do is discuss your concerns with your dentist and your dentist will refer you to us if he thinks you should have an assessment by an orthodontic specialist.

We can see you within 12 weeks of being referred by your dentist, which is very quick indeed compared to many other practices.

For children who qualify, if you are ready for treatment (i.e. you have all of your adult teeth), we will then either start your treatment right away or may need to put you on our Treatment Waiting List, depending on whether or not your orthodontist has available capacity to start your treatment. Currently, patients put onto the Treatment Waiting List do not have to wait long for their treatment to start (a few months only). Patients are taken in turn for treatment off the Treatment Waiting List when capacity is available.

With NHS treatment, silver braces are fitted and appointments are booked one at a time.

Silver Service

We can also treat you privately.

Silver Service is a treatment option for children with milder orthodontic conditions who do not therefore qualify for NHS funded treatment.

With Silver Service:

• standard metal brackets are fitted
• appointments are made one at a time with no priority over NHS patients
• treatment starts approximately 8 weeks from your first consultation

We encourage you to spread the cost through the duration of treatment, so after an initial deposit has been paid this may cost as little as £51.25 per month depending on the treatment received. The level of fees reflects the service level to suit your needs.

Platinum Service

Platinum Service is our private option with full benefits. This is offered to children with more complex orthodontic conditions or if you want increased benefits to fit your need such as:
• more convenient appointment times, including after school
• priority to book several appointments in advance at times to suit you
• choice of appliance, such as tooth-coloured ceramic brackets
• treatment starting almost immediately
We offer an interest free ‘pay as we treat’ payment plan to spread the cost of treatment through its duration. After an initial deposit has been paid this may cost as little as £99 per month depending on the treatment received.
Although financially administered through the practice, all private treatments (platinum and silver service) are a direct contract between you and your orthodontist.

Info imageCan private patients make priority bookings?

Yes! If you are a private patient one of the benefits is being able to make bookings for several app....more